About us

Shekinah Travels Pty Ltd T/A Come2holyland is a Christian Tours operating company, based out of Perth WA. We organise Seasonal group tours twice a year. One in June/July and other in December. Our tours cater to Christians of all denominations, including Messianic Jews and Catholics. We also organise 1 group tour to Europe every year. We are the experts in Holyland tours and have a proven record of delivering a once in a lifetime experience with positive outcomes. We have a range of dedicated and certified Tour guides and Drivers that are knowledgeable and have the expertise to give you a fulfilled experience. They are also engaging, interactive and entertaining and they can make you feel like you are the most important person of the group. They will even go the extra mile to show you places that are not in your itinerary like for example: a newly discovered Archaeological finding ! As a company, we cover all the safety measures to give you a comfortable experience from start to finish. We cover a range of places from North to South of Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Our tours combine culture, heritage, religion, history, food all incorporated into 1 tour. We cover more ground for the value of your money. For most people it’s a once in a lifetime experience so we make sure we offer you the best of experience for less.

We specialise in organizing customised tour packages for individuals and groups. Our tours range from fun and educational family tours to luxurious VIP Tours.

We also offer religious group tours including those for Christians from all over the world (pilgrimage and mission groups) and Jewish heritage groups. At Come2Holyland, we always focus on fulfilling your special requests and creating an unforgettable experience for each Individual. 

We are experts in incorporating fascinating activities into our itineraries. You will find a mix of archaeology, history, culinary, adventure, cultural and nature tours.